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When our life is balanced, we feel connected, fulfilled, happy, and peaceful. However, with busy work days and family life, we tend to put our personal needs and growth last. When we do get the chance to focus on our own development, we often default to looking somewhere outside ourselves for something that will complete us. At Innergy, we believe that everything you need can be found inside you; you simply need to get in touch with that inner energy (or “Innergy”).

We work hard to make tapping into your inner energy more convenient and achievable for those seeking a holistic approach to health and happiness. The Innergy App is an easy-to-use all-in-one mobile app that provides expert advice and information on how to nurture your whole self – mind, body, diet, relationships, service, and more. How do each of these areas contribute to a holistic life of deep connection to your innergy?

Mental Wellness

According to the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of mental wellbeing that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn and work well, and contribute to their community.” There is no doubt that mental wellness brings more happiness, peace, work productivity, and focus.  However, our society and fast-paced lives make it difficult to nurture and be mindful of our mental health and wellness.  That is why we provide research-based information on all aspects of mental health, such as how to deal with stress, anxiety, sleep, and productivity, as well as suggestions and solutions to everyday issues that affect our mental wellness. In the Innergy app, you can find a variety of meditation practices and exercises that you can use to  enrich your daily life. We feel everyone should have access to the  information and techniques they need to live their best life! 

Physical Health

Physical fitness helps improve brain health, manage weight, reduce risk of disease, and strengthen both bone and muscle to help improve our ability to tackle the requirements of daily life. Regardless of our intentions, it can be tough finding the time to identify sustainable fitness practices to keep our bodies moving in the midst of busy days. In the Innergy app, you’ll find a variety of workouts for all levels of fitness. Expert trainers will inspire you to reach your individual goals and get you to the next level. From yoga to HIIT workouts, dance, and even gentle stretching, there is something for everyone!

The benefits of healthy eating and nutrition go far beyond building strong bones and protecting the body from disease. Good eating habits and quality food help improve mood, focus, and overall wellness. This is why we work hard to provide research-based information on the value of nutrition and healthy eating, complete with hundreds of plant-based recipes from a wide variety of cuisines around the world. Healthy eating should be easy and convenient for everyone. A healthy mind first requires a healthy body. Easy-to-follow recipes complete with ingredients, directions, pictures, and nutritional value are all easily accessible in the Innergy app. Healthy eating really is achievable, and is a stepping stone to living a more productive life.

Building healthy family and community relationships is vital to holistic wellness. A big part of living a positive and enriched life is nurturing healthy relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and the community at large. Innergy provides strategies and research-based information on how to form positive relationships, resolve conflict, maintain strong family connections, and foster healthy relational habits in any environment. A variety of kid-friendly articles and recipes are incorporated throughout the app. Bringing up the next generation with the tools to live a happy and peaceful life is an important part of Innergy and our goal of holistic health for all.

Multiple studies have shown the close relationship between happiness and volunteering.  Selfless service, also known as seva’ in eastern cultures, has been shown to connect us to others, increase self-esteem, gratitude, and optimism, and give us a sense of purpose. At Innergy, we stress the importance of service and provide creative and easy ways to volunteer and give back to those in need. Anyone can do ‘seva,’ so start today and watch your heart and compassion grow! 

As a specific mobile app, Innergy has the unique ability to personalize the user experience to match your particular goals. Powerful tools such as fitness and meditation tracking, gratitude and mood journaling, and many more will help you develop healthy and sustainable practices that will impact your inner wellness journey in many ways. Recording individual progress can help with reaching milestones in your health journey, as well as identify areas for ongoing improvement.

At Innergy, all spheres of your health matter because they are all intertwined. A balanced life requires that you pay attention to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Your holistic wellness requires appropriate attention to each of these facets, and they each need to be nurtured to live your optimal life. So awaken your inner energy today with Innergy!

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