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Aging can be difficult and often helping others who are having difficulties is a way to serve in a truly impactful way. So many of us have elderly family members or friends who could use some support, whether it is physically or emotionally. Though it is difficult to watch loved ones age, steps can be taken to help them maintain happiness and independence for as long as possible. Honor your loved ones by offering to help them navigate through life with peace, love, and dignity.

A recent study found that senior health declined when the person had low physical activity, regularly felt lonely, and stopped daily household chores. Giving some time to assist a loved one in any of these areas can greatly help with their overall wellbeing and enhance the overall quality of their lives. At the same time, you have the unique opportunity to develop an even deeper bond with your loved one.


Physical Activity

To encourage some fun physical activity, think of hobbies that your loved one enjoys! On a warm summer day, set up a croquet game in the yard or take them to the local pool. Go for a brisk morning walk in the fall and discuss mutual topics of interest. Be mindful of the person’s capabilities and interests when planning, and avoid activities that may cause stress. Physical movement, along with your genuine emotional presence, will not only benefit their health in many ways, but also reinforce that they are still capable of doing a great many things.


Engaging Conversation

Regular visits and chats with loved ones can combat loneliness, especially if they live by themselves. Everyone wants to feel seen and heard, and often elders don’t get the time and attention because of their family and friends’ busy lifestyles. The ability to provide active listening and empathy is a simple and costless service anyone can give. Even if it is difficult to visit a loved one’s home, be sure to call to let them know you care and are thinking of them.  Preventing loneliness with a visit or a phone call will benefit anyone’s overall health and mental wellbeing!


Help with Chores

Many household chores can also be done to help an elderly family member. Tasks such as carrying laundry, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, washing dishes, addressing mail, or sweeping floors can foster a sense of support and connection. By letting your elderly family member set the pace of your service, you can also help them retain an important sense of independence at the same time. You can even stop by their house to bring some homemade food or leftovers, ensuring that they have a few good meals for the week. Helping with daily chores will not only reduce isolation, it will also ensure a more comfortable living environment.

While it can be difficult to see loved ones grow older, there are so many ways we can still contribute to their happiness and make sure their needs are met. Visiting often and helping around the house is not only of practical benefit, but also provides important family time and connection that will be cherished for years to come. Check out the Innergy App for more suggestions on how to incorporate service into your life and improve overall wellbeing for both you and others!


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