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We live in a world driven by deadlines, to-do lists, and ambitions. While we rely on having daily routines to maintain order and efficiency, we risk the chance of falling into a monotonous existence and losing sight of the joy in life’s simple moments. As we navigate the inevitable lows and struggles that life presents, finding the motivation to rise again becomes essential. Incorporating intentional practices can help ignite a spark within us, leading to a profound experience of joy and passion. By embracing these four simple habits, you can unlock the beauty in our everyday lives, allowing you to savor each moment with renewed enthusiasm and gratitude.



Practice Appreciation

It has been said that “life is what you make it,” but it is easy to get caught up in planning for the future. Our minds are always thinking in bigger and better ways. We want to expand our world and create significant growth. This can distract us from remembering to appreciate the little moments. Pressing pause and reflecting on your NOW allows you to better process what’s happening around you. Practicing appreciation can be easy. Today, jot down a simple list of three things you can appreciate in the course of your day, and focus on these things when feeling stressed out. We often get caught up in the mundane day-to-day tasks and forget to enjoy a relaxing pause. Set the alarm on your phone to remind you to reflect and pause for 5 minutes every day to appreciate these simple blessings.



Seek Beauty

Appreciating the beauty around us can transform our attitude. Life has a bad habit of knocking us down every once in a while, and it’s so easy for these events to become the focus of our attention. Appreciating the beauty in life’s “little things” can give us the power to rise back up. There are so many beautiful things around us every day. From the beauty we admire in a sunset, or the delightful song of a bird, to floppy puppy ears and the little meow of a kitten… the laughter of your friends after recounting a ridiculous story, the colors and the design of a new outfit, and even the crisp fresh smell of clean laundry. When you notice increasing difficulty seeing these “beautiful little things” on a daily basis, switch up your routine to expose yourself to different experiences. These experiences transform our mindset and strengthen our resolve, allowing us to remember that the beauty in life still exists.



Cherish the Present

Many people struggle with the idea of permitting themselves to slow down. If this is you, consider trying a yoga class as a way to relax your mind and body, or take a mildly-paced walk to observe life around you. These activities force you to slow down and develop the habit of becoming more conscious and attentive. Practice spending time alone, and enjoy the opportunity it gives you to focus on your surroundings. Various mindfulness or meditation practices can also be powerful methods to still your thoughts, allowing you to reflect inwardly and connect with your own internal beauty!



Embrace Spontaneity

Getting caught up in the repetition and predictability of life’s tasks can prevent us from clearly seeing the beauty around us. Master the art of identifying when a mundane routine has begun to entrap you, and dare to be an adventurer in your own life. Embrace the thrill of shaking things up every now and then, injecting a sense of novelty and excitement into your days. Looking away from your computer screen might mean catching a joyful smile from a coworker. Stepping outside rather than powering through your lunch break might wrap you in the warm embrace of sunshine you didn’t realize you needed.


Life is full of meaningful interactions – but we must be willing to slow down and pay attention. Pausing to watch the sunset isn’t so much an “action” as it is the ability to appreciate something beautiful in life. If this ability feels a bit rusty for you, give your daily routine an infusion of joy and beauty with the Innergy app! Like a life coach, the Innergy app can support you on your journey to embracing the best of each moment. So at least for today, remember to press pause and appreciate the beauty that is within you and all around you!


“When we live life constantly desiring more and better, we miss the beauty of the ordinary right in front of us.” – Joshua Becker

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